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Pre-season booking has been started on 1st April!

Long weekends on sailboat!

The title is not correct: how can any weekend be long on a sailboat?? Anyway upcoming 3-days weekends in Hungary are the following:

28 April – 1 May,

26 May – 28 May

Most cases you can check in on Friday evening so you have already a full day on your boat on Saturday. Having a Saturday breakfast on the boat is good. Very good! Check the bookaboat offers!



Booking with discounts!

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Hajóbérlés akciók

May Italy, Portsco, Bavaria 32: -25% 848EUR!


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On Balaton you can still book with discount on last year's prices:


Fibidus Tourist-boat on Tisza, Tisza-tó, Bodrog rivers

  • Tokaj wine-tour or fishing weekend!
  • Tours for 30 people with tourist guide
  • Every day from 9th April
  • 2 hours 32 000Ft
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Balaton 25


Balaton-25 in western Balaton 

  • family comfort
  • 1 cabin, 4 berths
  • 30 April - 3 May
  • preseason disocunt 55 000Ft

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Jeanneau SO 33i

Jeanneau SO 33i in exclusive port + wellness

  • extra accessories
  • 2 cabins, 8 berths
  • 25 -28 May
  • long weekend 260 395Ft
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Tengeri hajóbérlés


Sun Odyssey 37

  • Greece, Corfu
  • 3 cabins, 8 berths
  • -15% pre-booking discount
  • 2012.08.04-08.11, new price: 1 870EUR

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Tengeri hajóbérlés Bavaria 46
  • Turkey, Marmaris
  • 4 cabins, 10 berths, 2 showers
  • -20% prebooking discount
  • 2012.07.14-07.21, new price: 2 680EUR

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Tengeri hajóbérlés Sun Odyssey 45.1
  • Montenegro, Bar
  • 4 cabins, 9 berths, 2 showers
  • -15% prebooking discount
  • 2012.06.23-06.30, new price: 2 083EUR

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There is always summer somewhere! Pre-booking is still going on, search for it!


Search here! Be first in booking!


Have a good browsing and fair wind!

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